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    Millions of adults living in the United States struggle with basic literacy skills. At The Literacy Council of St. Petersburg, we believe that literacy is more than just reading and writing: literacy encompasses technological knowledge, life management skills, and workplace etiquette.

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Volunteer Benefits

Be a Tutor
Consider this your opportunity to become part of something greater than yourself that will benefit not just one person’s life, but that person’s family and the community-at-large.

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Resources and Links

Students are our main priority at The Literacy Council of St. Petersburg. Our Student page has free materials and links to useful online resources to help individuals achieve their educational goals.

Please visit our Student's Page to learn more.
The Literacy Council of St. Petersburg
Our program provides a full range of instructional services that prepare Adults looking to develop the basic skills necessary to find and keep family-sustaining employment or obtain a secondary school credential.

Some of our classes prepare learners to take and pass each of the four subject areas of the GED® test: Reasoning Through Language Arts Reading and Writing,  Math, Social Studies, and Science.

• We prepare students to begin studying for their GED.

• We strive not just to educate, but to empower our students and enrich their lives.

Each and every student receives all the support services they need to succeed – not just in our program, but in life.
Rene Flowers speaking at this year's annual dinner

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide one to one instruction to the educationally disadvantaged community adults by improving their reading, writing, math and computer literacy skills necessary to obtain employment, function on the job, in the family and in society.